How to list a product to eBay using a listing rules template

Once you have created listing rules templates you need to add them to your products. There are four ways to do this in Neto:


  • from the individual product page

  • from the products list page

  • from the listing template

  • via the import / export system


From the individual product page


Go to:

Products > View All Products


Open the product that you want to list.

Click on the eBay submenu.

Select an eBay template to list the product with from the drop down box.

Click Add New Listing.

Once added, click the green “List” button


If you would like to first check for errors or how much listing fees will be click Verify Listing. This will not list the item or bill your eBay account. There is also a preview button which allows you to see how your listing will look on eBay.


From the products list page


Go to:

Products > View All Products


Select the products that you want to list and and at bottom of the page click:

With Selected > Add Selected to eBay Template


From the listing template


For more detailed information on how to create listing templates, see the other videos in the Neto 101 series. We’re going to go to an already created template and, under the Assign Products tab, you can search for products via SKU and add them to the template.


Via the import / export system


Another way of assigning products in bulk is through our import/ export system. To learn more about the specifics of importing, see the video in the Neto 101 series.


We’re going to jump right into a template. Here you can define a column and assign a listing template ID number to each SKU that you are importing. We recommend you either assign a listing number or a unique letter that relates to your listing template number. During import you can replace the letter with corresponding listing ID number.


A listing schedule defines when and how often an item will be listed. These schedules can be specified separately and then selected from a drop down menu in your listing template.


To add or create a new schedule you go to eBay> eBay listing schedules and click the add new button

Give your schedule a name that you will remember. We recommend using the start time for easy reference.


To add the schedule to a listing template you go to:

eBay> eBay listing templates > view all listing templates

Open the template that you want to schedule

Under the categorisation and listing rules tab scroll down to “listing rules”

Select your new listing schedule from the drop down menu

Save your changes


If you have changed your mind and would like to create a new schedule, click on “create new schedule”. This will take you to the schedules page where you can create a schedule and then specify it on your template and save.


To delete an ebay schedule you go to:

eBay> eBay listing schedules

Select the eBay or task schedule that it no longer required and click “delete selected”.

Please ensure that you have updated your eBay listing templates prior to doing this to prevent listing errors.

When you have setup a new template and are ready to apply it to your active eBay listings you can do so by the following way.


To apply a Neto listing templates to an active listing you  go to:

eBay> eBay listings> active listings


Select the listings you want to apply a listing template to. You can use the filter at the top of the page to filter your results.


Scroll down to the section titled "bulk apply listing template to active listings".


Select a listing template from the drop down list and click "bulk apply listing template" to apply the listing template.

There is an option to define whether or not the selected listing templates shipping rules will also be applied to the active listing. You can opt not to use a listing templates shipping rules, in such cases the existing shipping rules will remain on the active listings. This is beneficial when you do not wish to sort through all your listings and assign them to the relevant listing rules template as they normally differ based on shipping rules. You can effectively assign all your existing listings to one template and use your shipping specific rules templates for new products.


You should only apply listing templates to active listings when you are 100% sure that a listing template performs as you are expecting it to. Please test your listing templates against 1 or 2 active listings or create new listings using your listing templates prior to applying in bulk!


You should perform a stock take in Neto before using it to control stock levels on eBay. The stock numbers imported from eBay when you initially sync your account are for reference purposes only and may not be correct if you have since sold or updated stock in eBay.


  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016