How to map eBay shipping methods to Neto shipping methods

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In this video we will demonstrate how to set up eBay shipping mapping in Neto.


If you are integrating with eBay it's important to define which eBay shipping option relates to the shipping option in Neto so that they are correctly identified when orders are imported from eBay. For example, if the option selected by the custom on eBay is “standard shipping” and in Neto this should be sent via “Australia Post eParcel”, you need to tell Neto which shipping method to allocate to the order during importation and order creation.


To do this, go to the shipping method found under:

  • Shipping > Shipping Methods
  • Open the method that needs to be mapped to an eBay service and scroll down to the tabs.
  • On the tab Map This Method to eBay Shipping Services, select the eBay site and service and Add to Method.
  • Save your changes.


The eBay shipping services you are currently using can be found on your listing rules templates under the Shipping tab. Go to

eBay > Listing Rules Templates> View All Listing Rules Templates

You should have these shipping services mapped to specific shipping methods in Neto.


If you do not map eBay shipping services to Neto shipping options, the related eBay orders Will be placed "on hold" so that you can manually select the correct shipping option for each order. You can change this setting under:

Admin > System Setup > eBay Config > Order Settings > Default Shipping Method ID For eBay Orders


If you choose ‘Do not select shipping option when option is not available’ the system will place orders on hold until you decide which shipping option to ship with. Another option you might consider would be have the system choose the cheapest available option, or to choose a specific shipping method.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018