How to map your product categories to eBay categories

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In this video we will demonstrate how to set up eBay category mapping in Neto. 

Category mapping is the process of mapping your product category tree in Neto to related eBay categories that you have defined on eBay. Once this has been set up, Neto will use the category mapping table to determine which category to list to eBay.

For example, if you have a product category tree in Neto:
Electronics > Microphones
and you want all those products to be list in eBay to the Primary eBay category: Electronics > Audio > Microphones
you can specify this relationship through category mapping.

Using category mapping saves you from having to create a new listing rules template for every different category you want to list to in eBay. Instead, on the listing rules template, tick the option to use category mapping. 

 Prior to setting up eBay category mapping please ensure you have created your categories in Neto and on your eBay store (if you have one).
When this has been done, you can add map your categories by going to: 
eBay > eBay Category Mapping > Add New

Select the eBay store, eBay site and category tree (product categories - by default) you want to create mapping for. 
Map your product categories to eBay categories by selecting the related primary, secondary and store categories. If you do not want to list to secondary or store categories, you can leave these blank.

The system will automatically save your changes as you make them.
eBay now allows changes to listing categories so any changes you make to category mapping page will update your active listings on eBay when revisions are run.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018