How to refund a customers credit

In this video we will demonstrate how to pay credit to a customer from:


  • The customer card

  • A closed RMA


It is important to note that performing these actions in Neto will remove the credit from the customer card for accounting purposes but will not physically pay the customer.  The actual transfer of money has to be completed outside of the Neto system in the manner that the customer has requested.


To refund a credit from the customer card, open the card and go to:

Payments & Credits


Here you will see the amount of credit the customer has available on their account.


Click on Pay Refund next to the credit or credits available. Enter the payee’s details, refund method and refund amount.


Click on Process Refund to remove the credit from the customer’s account.


You can now print the remittance advice for the refund or email it to your customer.


The refund will be marked as pending. For it to be finalised, it has to be marked as paid and completed. This step can only be completed by an Administrator or Admin User. If you are an Admin User, this option will be available.


If you are an Admin User logging in at a later time, go to:

Admin > Refund Manager > Refunds Pending Payment


Once the funds have been physically paid whether it be via bank transfer, Paypal, cheque, etc, click Mark As Paid and Complete. The refund has now been finalised and marked as complete in the Neto System. If integrated, export the refunds to your accounting package.


To pay a credit from a closed RMA go to:

Orders> Returns & Credits

Open the RMA by clicking on the ID

At the bottom of the screen click Issue Refund


Complete the refund using the steps outlined previously.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018