How to setup a loyalty points program

In this video we are going to cover:


  • Select a program type and name your program

  • Define usage rules

  • Define the reward a customer earns

  • Select a design for your reward program emails


Loyalty programs are a great way to add value for your customers and entice them back to your store. To create one, navigate to:

Marketing > Voucher and Reward Programs >  Add New Program


The first step is to select a program type and name your program. The program type should be set to “Reward/Loyalty Program”. Name your program by filling out the Title field.


Next we must define the usage rules. Set a redeem code prefix so that you can easily identify the program later on. We shall use “L” for loyalty. Tick “Use points” and enter the amount of points your customers will meet $1 value.  We will use 50 points.


Now to define the reward a customer earns. Click “Add Reward Rule”. We are going to allow our customers to earn 1 point per dollar they spend so add 1 in “Spend From” and “1 point plus 1 point per dollar spent” in “Earn”. Dont forget to set a starting date. You will notice that today’s date is highlighted for you when you bring up the calendar. For our redemption limits we are going to allow our customers to redeem between 5 and 20 dollars on any one transaction.


The last step is to select an email template. We will just use the default template but you should feel free to be as creative as you want and make new ones that suit your business’ personality.


Finally click “Add Program” at the bottom of the screen to activate the program.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018