How to setup an automatic discount for a set dollar amount

In this video we are going to cover:


  • Creating a coupon

  • Giving a $ (dollar amount) discount on a purchase


Neto has a very powerful discount and coupon system. One of the most common functions you may wish to use it for is to set up a dollar amount discount that affects all your products.


In this example we’re going to offer customers $15 off of their order. If you want learn more about each of the options available when setting up a coupon, please see the other videos in the Neto 101 series.


Start by navigating to:

Marketing > Discounts and coupons > Add new discount


Start by adding a unique code for this discount or promotion in the discount code field and giving it a name.


Choose to automatically apply the discount with unlimited uses.


Under “Discount Requirements / Triggers” on the left hand menu, add the requirements that must be met in order for the discount to be activated. Select a trigger type of “Order Subtotal”. Enter a “Spend requirement” of $20 and select product subtotal. The discount will now be applied to any purchase of $20 or more.


Under “Discount Events (What’s on offer)” in the left hand menu, set the discount amount to be applied. Select “Order or shipping discount” and add. Leave the discount type as “Product Subtotal Discount” and the amount to “$15”. Now save your changes.

Congratulations, you now know how create a discount that will automatically give $15 off all orders with a product subtotal of $20 or more.


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Last Modified: 18/07/2018