How to setup non-inventoried product options (extra options)

This support article requires the Product Options addon from Neto’s Addon Store.

For more information please refer to our in depth article on product options.

In this video we are going to cover:

  • Where to find extra options

  • Adding extra options

  • Assigning attributes to those options

One of the most popular ways to use extra options is to offer gift cards and gift wrapping as an additional paid or free service. To begin with, navigate to a product page and click on the Extra Options link in the page menu to automatically scroll down to the extra options settings.

Add the name of your option. We will add gift wrapping. Allow Customer to Enter Option From lets you select the type of input this option will use. In this case we should leave it as a selection box and set the default to No. In order to make this option useful however we need to add another attribute so click Add Attribute and enter into the new option attribute field the value Yes. You will notice that you can also set a price for this extra so we will charge $2.00 for gift wrapping.

We would also like to allow a gift message to be printed and included with the wrapped gift so click Add Product Option to start a new extra option. Lets call this one Gift Message and change the input selector to use a Text Field.

If we now go to the product page we can see that the new options have become available.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018