How to setup product specifics and filters

During this video we are going to cover:

  • How to add specifics and filters to a product
  • How to remove specifics/filters from a product
  • How to set the display order for your specifics

First we’ll need to open up a product. You can do this by navigating to Products > View Products and selecting the product you want to edit.

From that product page, you can click on Specifics/Filters to take you right where you need to go.

Now you need to create a new Specific Type. The specific type refers to what kind of property describes that product. For example Colour or Size.

If you’ve got an existing specific type, you can use that too. You can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass on the right and then selecting your chosen specific type or by typing the start of your specific into the box.

For this example, we’ll be adding a new specific for our necklace to describe the metal. Now, we need to add a specific value. The specific value refers to what the property is, in this case, Silver.

Once you’ve added the specific type and value, you can then click on Add Specific. This should move your specific over to the right hand side to confirm you’ve done it correctly.

If you accidentally add a specific, or no longer want to use it. You can remove it by clicking the red delete icon on the right of your specific.

We can see in our webstore that the specifics appear as filters on the right hand side.

You may wish to change the order of these filters or variations for your products. To do this, navigate to the Products > Product Specifics menu.

Select the specific you want to change.

And set the sort order, or priority for your specifics, and save. Remember, the higher the number, the higher on the list it will display. You may need to purge your cache for these changes to take effect.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018