How to turn on eBay order management

In this video we will cover:

  • Turning on eBay order management

  • Ways to automate eBay order processing

  • What to do with incomplete checkouts

Turning on eBay order management

Once you are ready to start managing your eBay orders from within Neto you need to turn the facility on in your eBay settings.

From the Neto Dashboard navigate to eBay > Setup & Tools.

Select Settings.

At the top of the page there is a check box for turning order management off or on called Enable manual eBay order management.

If selected, you must manually download transaction from the eBay transaction manager page. This is found in eBay > Transactions.

If not selected transaction, any order details will automatically download to Neto from eBay periodically.

Ways to automate eBay order processing

Just below this are a few ways to automate your eBay order process to make it faster. You can choose to auto-approve paid eBay orders so they are automatically approved for sending. You can also auto-pick approved so that approved orders are automatically sent to pick status.

If you have not defined a shipping method for eBay orders on your listing template or via eBay shipping mapping, you can select a default option here. You can do the same for payment methods.

What to do with incomplete checkouts

Another important setting is Only Create Orders In Neto When A Transaction Is Paid On eBay.

This means that an order will not be created in Neto unless the customer has completed checkout on eBay.

Incomplete checkout orders can be view in the eBay > Transactions menu.

You can filter by Checkout Status > Incomplete.

The incomplete checkout orders indicate that they do not have an associated order in Neto. To create an order from these transactions, select the order number and from the bottom of the page click Bulk Create Order.

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Last Modified: 18/07/2018