How to use product specifics and filters

In this video we are going to cover:


  • Adding specifics to products

  • Using specifics as filters


We’ll start off by making three products. The first product will be a blue cotton dress in size medium.  


To make the product go to:

Products > Add New Product


Give it a SKU, a name and add it to a category.

Now click Continue.

Scroll down to the Specifics/Filters section


In the step 1 enter Colour

In the step 2 box enter blue

Click Add Specific


Repeat the previous process with size, material, pattern, etc.


We have just added specifics to our first product. Now repeat the process for a red woolen dress and and a blue satin evening gown.


Once that’s all setup we can have a look at what the filters look like on our front end.


Go the homepage and select the ladies category. You should now see an option to Filter Products on the left hand menu.This filter is generated automatically by all the available specifics in the list of products on this page.


As you can see in the filters there is a Colour filter where we can pick the preferred colour, a Material filter where we can specify cotton, satin or wool. Ticking on the wool will only show the red dress. Unticking wool and ticking blue will show both the cotton dress and the evening gown.



  • Last Modified: 03/11/2016