How do I pack an individual order and create a shipping consignment?

You can create shipping consignments for orders when they are in the “pack” or “dispatched” status. Adding order lines to a shipping consignment marks the order lines as “packed” and those lines are presumed shipped.  

How to pack an order and create a shipping consignment:

  1. Go to:
    orders> pack
  2. Click on order ID to open the order
  3. Click "Auto generate shipping consignment"
  4. You can change the shipping method by selecting from the methods set up in the drop down menu
  5. Check or edit the pre-populated package dimensions details
  6. Click “Create consignments and dispatch” to generate consignment labels and mark the order as dispatched
  7. OR
    Click “Save Changes” to create consignments without changing the order status

  • Last Modified: 29/10/2015