Featured Products

You can use Featured Product Adverts to feature selected products on your website. They can be products on sale, new products or any products you select. You get to choose what products appear.

Where the Featured Product Adverts appear will depend on the design of your website theme. In most cases would see featured product adverts on the homepage, but they can be added to almost any page on your site.

To add a Featured Product Advert to your Neto web shop, from the CPANEL, navigate to:

  1. Marketing Menu > On Site Advertising > Add New Campaign

  2. Click Add New from the Featured Products Ads section

  3. Enter the Campaign Name and if required the Group, Date Start and Date End. Then click on the Save & Continue button

    A Campaign Name will typically be the Campaign that ad belongs to, such as Fathers Day or Free Shipping Over Christmas.

    Ad Groups are primarily used in design and allow you to have more control over where the Featured Product Ads appears on your Web Store.

    You can create Featured Product Ads in advance by putting a future date in the Date Start field.

  4. Add the Location and the Products you want to display in the advert. Then click on the Save button to update your changes

To edit a Featured Product Advert to your Neto Store, from the CPANEL, navigate to:

  1. Marketing > On Site Advertising > View All Campaigns

  2. Select the Featured Product Ad you want to edit

  3. Change any of the settings as desired

  4. Save the changes

  • Last Modified: 18/11/2016