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Setup 'Free Shipping' discount

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a ‘Free Shipping’ discount to be used in your webstore, including:

  • Setting the option for the discount to be used once or unlimited times
  • The option to automatically apply the discount to an order or manually by use of a coupon code
  • Setting a minimum spend
  • Limiting to a category of products

Setup discount

  1. From the Neto dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Discounts/Coupons.

  2. Click Add New Discount from the top right hand side.

  3. In Discount Details section, fill out the following details:

    Setting Value
    Status Active
    Discount Code FREESHIP
    Discount Name Free Shipping
    Discount Subtitle Free shipping on your order
    Discount Start Date Enter your start date
    Discount End Date Enter an expiry date
  4. Now, do you want the discount to be used once or unlimited times?

    If Unlimited, set Usage Rules to Unlimited Uses.

    If Single use, set Usage Rules to Single Use and Discount Type to Private. This means the user has to be logged into the system to use, public means guests can use this discount. If you only want customers to use the discount once, you will need to set the discount to private.

  5. Do you want this to work with other discounts?

    If yes, set Exclusivity to Can Be Used With Other Offers and Exclude Products In Promotion to No.

    If no, set Exclusivity to Cannot Be Used With Other Offers and optionally select Exclude Products In Promotion to Yes (if you want to remove already discounted products).

  6. Do you want the discount to automatically be applied or do you want the customer to have to manually add a coupon code at checkout?

    If you want it to automatically apply, set Automatically Apply Discount to Yes.

    Please Note: Setting a coupon to automatically apply automatically behaves differently when creating an order in the Neto control panel, as opposed to your webstore.

    Any orders created will have these coupons applied automatically, even if the requirements are not met. However, to apply the discount you must select the checkbox and click Apply Discount(s) To Order.

    If you want to force the customer to manually add a coupon code, set Automatically Apply Discount to No. The code they have to enter will be the Discount Code.

  7. Click on the Discount Requirements/Trigger tab. Here is where you can set any requirements for the discount to work.

  8. In the above example, we set the requirement for the ‘Order subtotal’ must be over $50.00. If you wish to set a minimum spend, click the drop-down menu and select Order Subtotal and add a spend requirement dollar figure. If you don’t want a minimum spend, simply move on to the next step and leave this section blank.

  9. Click on the Discount Events (What’s on Offer) tab. From the drop-down menu, select Order or Shipping Discount. Set Discount Type to Shipping Discount, set Discount Percent to 100 and set Apply to Entire Order to Yes.

  10. Optionally, click on Lightbox Pop-up. If you want a message to appear on the screen for the customer to let them know the discount has been applied, set Show Lightbox Popup to yes and add a message.

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Last Modified: 28/11/2017 Neto Version: 6.8