Base Tag Library


Loads a separate template file with ajax properties


Load the template

[%load_ajax_template id:'_uniqueid' type:'item' template:'templatename' preload:'1' tmpl_sku:'ProductSku' tmpl_preview:'y'/%]

Load/Reload the template

[%site_value id:'footer_javascript'%]
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">


The load_ajax_template function will load a HTML template using neto tags and properties as well as utilising the ajax call in the Neto JS library

This lets you call data from different parts of neto without having to reload the entire page

load_ajax_template Parameters

Name Options Description
id:'' String The unqiue ID of the tag, used to correspond with the JS loading function
type:'' cart, item, customer, content The type of content you want to call will effect what other parameters works. All templates will be loaded from the corresponding /includes folder for that content type.
Example file destinations: cart/includes/, products/includes/, cms/includes/
template:'' Template HTML file name, excluding the .template.html extension Determines what HTML file to load
preload:'' 1/0 A boolean that when true will load the ajax call for the first time on page load, no trigger required
tmpl_sku:'' SKU Works with type item, defines what SKU to call for the template load
tmpl_preview:'' y/n

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