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Exporting Listing Data

Neto doesn’t support exporting the active listing information like it does with products. However there are ways to copy the information and format it in a way so that you can effectively achieve the same result. To do this we recommend using both Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel.

  1. From the Neto Dashboard navigate to eBay > View Listings.

  2. Set your filters to only show the listings that you would want to export. In this example, the filters have been set to show Ended listings.

  3. Click and drag to highlight all the listings that are returned, and copy them to your clipboard.

  4. Please Note: It’s important that the area you copy covers the whole table, from the top left to bottom right corner as indicated with the arrows.

  5. Paste this information into Google Sheets.

  6. You now need to remove the formatting of the table. Select the table, and go to Format > Clear Formatting.

  7. Copy the data, and paste it into Microsoft Excel.

  8. Select the table and right click, then choose Remove Hyperlinks.

  9. You can now delete any unnecessary columns, such as Edit, Fee, Listed On, and Status. To do this, right click on a column header and select Delete.

  10. To change the Information field so that it only shows the quantity, you need to use the find & replace function. Hold down Ctrl and press H. In the find box, type in *Available:. Leave the replace field blank and click Replace All.

  11. With the replace box still open, type Out* in the find field and click Replace All.

  12. With the replace box still open, in the find field hold Ctrl and press J. You’ll see a small dot in the find field but nothing else. Click Replace All and any line breaks will be removed.

  13. All that’s left in the field will be the quantity. You can now perform similar steps on the Item field depending on what data you want to extract.

  14. Data to be extracted 1st Replace 2nd Replace
    Custom Label *Custom Label: Ctrl + J
    Title Fixed Price Item Variations Custom Label:*
    Price $
  15. Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file (MS-DOS), and you can use it to import into Neto.

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Last Modified: 28/09/2017 Neto Version: 6.9