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Must-have skills for ecommerce business owners

Must-have skills for ecommerce business owners


So what does it take to be a successful ecommerce business owner? In addition to a great website on the Neto platform, business owners need skills in accounting, cash flow and inventory management, marketing and recruitment. But where can an ecommerce business owner acquire these “must-have” skills? 

Neto Partner – Consolid8 – has developed a 12 month business improvement program specifically designed for women in business to improve the profitability of their ecommerce store. 

Delivered by Tanya Titman (business turnaround specialist and mother of four) this face-to-face education course focuses on empowering women by improving their financial literacy. When you understand your business’ financial position, you are able to make informed, strategic decisions. 


Join other like-minded women for a 6 hour workshop every month for 12 months, to learn: 

  • Financial strategies – understanding your business’ finances, setting KPIs, budgets and developing strategies to achieve your goals. 
  • Improving cashflow – understand the drivers of cashflow and how to unlock your cash reserves.
  • Where did my profit go? – on paper my business made a profit but the money is not in my bank account.
  • Business growth – strategies to develop new revenue streams and increase your turnover.
  • Target market – identify your ideal client and ways to attract more to your business.
  • Building a great team – when and how to employ more staff – what tasks can be outsourced? How to do this? 
  • Leadership style – understand your communication and leadership style, plus how to get the best from your staff.
  • Funding decisions – investment decisions, the smart way to invest money in your business. 
  • Business value – what’s your business worth now, what could it be worth and strategies to achieve this goal.

The program is tax deductible and comes with a guarantee – “We are so confident our 12 month Business Improvement Program will either increase your business’ revenue, profitability, cashflow or value that if it doesn’t we will refund your investment.” 

As a BONUS for Neto clients, if you sign up before Friday 27 February you will receive a FREE business cashflow report card (valued at $1,500). 


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