RMA Reasons, Statues and Outcomes

RMA Reasons

For reporting purposes, Neto allows you to assign individual reasons for RMA's.

The following RMA reasons already exist in your system. You can also create your own RMA reasons by going to Admin > Customisable Fields > RMA reasons.

Reasons are used for reporting purposes so that you can report on why RMAs are being created.

  • Defective
  • Wrong item sent
  • Damaged in transit
  • Item lost
  • Does not want
  • Other

RMA Statuses

This is the current status of the RMA line and includes the following options by default:

  • Awaiting info from customer
  • Awaiting product return
  • Goods received, pending processing
  • Pending repair
  • Complete

RMA statuses are used to organize RMAs.

RMA Outcomes

The outcome of the RMA line is the most important field on the RMA form as it determines what action is taken by the system. Once an outcome is selected, the status of the RMA line is automatically changed to complete.

The following outcomes are available by default:

  • Awaiting outcome
  • Return to manufacturer, issue credit
  • Return to stock, issue credit
  • Write off, issue credit
  • Firesale, issue credit or replacement
  • Issue credit or replacement
  • Return to customer
  • Send replacement for incorrect item

  • Last Modified: 10/04/2016